Wacky Wednesday: FIST PUMP TO TRUMP!

This title scared you a bit, didn’t it?


Music and politics have always been intertwined. In fact, the greatest creative geniuses of our time have played dual roles as Musical Talent and Social Activist.

But thanks to YouTube, we’re seeing a COMPLETELY different spin on political tunes. EDM DJs and producers are taking their skills to the visual realm. By chopping up bits and pieces of the speeches of politicians, they are creating memorable songs that we can all laugh at from the comfort of our homes.

Now let’s be real: Donald Trump is a great person to make fun of. Although most Donald Trump remixes on YouTube are in fact parodies, some are (scarily) Pro-Trump Anthems. Regardless of the DJ’s intention, every song created includes the most obnoxious things to come out of that man’s mouth.

Without further ado, here are the Top Five Trump EDM Remixes on YouTube:


1. Bombs Away – China All The Time


This is probably the most famous of all EDM Trump Remixes to hit the Internet. The original video showed the entire production process from start to finish, and it was fascinating to watch. You can check that out here: CHINA!!! In the meantime, here is the finished product!


2. Sarah Palin & Donald Trump (Country EDM Remix)

I mean, this is just hilarious. When was the last time you heard a “country-EDM” song? This is the greatest thing to happen to your ear drums since Cotton-Eyed Joe!


3. Mike Cugliari – Trump It Up ft. Donald Trump (Original Mix)

This is HOT! I have to say, production-wise, this song is the most professionally-arranged. In fact, Mike Cugliari has taken the most epic clips from the Trumpinator and turned them into a pretty epic electro EDM song. Enjoy!


4. Bing-Bong Complilation

HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry – I was too busy laughing.

Although the production quality leaves a bit to be desired (sorry, Twinkieman!), the end product is absolutely hilarious. You’re going to belly laugh. I promise.

P.S. Bing Bong!


5. Out Out Out – Trumpstep Remix



So, the person who wrote this track seems to love Donald Trump. So while that’s a bit of a bummer, the song itself is pretty phenomenal. Take a look at Trump doing what he does best: Pointing His Finger And Talking To People In A Condescending Way. Yay!


Do you have any other Trump remixes that we should have included?  Let us know!  TAG us on Instagram @raveloopdotcom and Twitter @raveloop!


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