Top 5 Trance Tunes of the Past 30 Days

Hey #TranceFamily!


We love you.  We love you because we started out as #TranceKids in the Early 2000s, and we owe many significant life experiences to the art of trance.  Although we love all genres of EDM, trance music has a special place in our hearts.  So, as a tribute to the music that helped open our hearts to a spiritual experience beyond our wildest dreams (read:  Armin + Festivals),  we present our top picks for the hottest trance tunes of the past 30 days.


1. Gareth Emery feat Wayward Daughter – Reckless.

This pop-trance song makes you want to glide down Pacific Coast Highway with your sunglasses on and your hair blowing in the wind.


2. Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb – Follow Me (Psyburst Mix)

For those of us who loved trance long before the “EDM Craze” hit the United States, this song is a glorious throwback to the days of Hard Trance, Acid Trance and the Roland TB-303.


3.  DRYM – Wolf (Extended Mix)

This is that perfect mix between hard trance and big room house! We get that big room snare AND those hard pulsating synths – but during the break, we get beautiful melodic lines and uplifting energy bursts!


4.  Husman ft. Kelly Sweet – Atmosphere

Yes! This is Vocal Trance Heaven! It is right up there as the perfect fusion between vocal trance and progressive house!  These love songs with moderate tempos, sweet synths and sultry vocals do something special to our souls.


5. Denis Kenzo & Cari – #TheValue

This is the kind of vocal hard trance that takes you by surprise. The first 30 seconds of the build up make you think it is going to be a generic progressive track. But suddenly… by 45 seconds, you become aware that things are going to get interesting.  AND THEY DO!


And there you have it, my friends!  These are the most awesome trance tunes to hit the EDM streets!   What did you think?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Let us know on Twitter @RaveLoop and on Instagram @RaveLoopDotCom.  Cheers!

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