Throwback Thursday: Happy Hardcore!

Ah, Happy Hardcore.  Remember the genre of silly, lighthearted kandi-raver fun that permeated the 90s and early 2000s?  Over the past decade the happy-go-lucky genre sort of imploded and merged into Hardcore/Gabber, Hands Up or Nightcore.  Yeah, there was the short-lived speedcore and jumpcore era, but that soon merged with techno to birth the beloved “Hardstyle.”

So what about that pure, authentic happy hardcore?  We are hopeful that it will have a gigantic comeback like skinny jeans and harem pants.  But until then, let’s relive the past!

Introducing: The 10 Best Happy Hardcore Tunes Of All Time.

1)  DJ Brisk & DJ Trixxy – Eye Opener.

This tune needs no introduction!  So ofCOURSE, Eye Opener is the perfect pick to launch this countdown.  Brisk and Trixxy created the Mother of all happy hardcore tunes. This is the ONE song that non-hardcore enthusiasts probably still know about.

2)  Nakatomi – Children of the Night.

So simple, yet so good!  High-pitched, kind-of-chanty vocals, with a topping of smart musicianship.  And then there was“Children of the Night.”

3)  Bang! – Shooting Star.

Say hello to this love-song ANTHEM.  “Like a shooting star across the midnight sky… wherever you are, you’re gonna see me fly…” You know you’ve belted it at the top of your lungs before.

4)  Force & Styles – Field of Dreams.

YES! Force and Styles put some extra-magic into this happy hardcore classic.  The pristine classical piano playing merges with the vocalist, who sounds like a gospel singer!  Pair that up with perfectly placed synths and drum loops, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

5)  AltonTowers – Inspector Gadget.

Alton Towers transformed this cartoon theme song into a timeless club BANGER. It begins with an eerie “This is the police speaking… this club is closed Forever!” Then… the beat drops.  Four minutes of ecstasy ensue.

6)  XTM & DJ Chucky – Fly On The Wings Of Love (Happy Hardcore Remix).

That FLUTE though!  This Happy Hardcore gem has a signature flute melody that sets it apart from every other song in this genre.  The flute melody is soft, gentle, and sensual like a soaring bird.  The composition is authentically in line with its message.  And for this reason, we love it.

7)  DJ Dougal & DNA feat. Linden Nigel & Jamie – Tranquility.

This jazz-influenced piano track definitely takes the cake as one of the most gorgeous Happy Hardcore songs out there.  The vocalist sings from her soul, and the accompanying synth accentuates her emotion.  This song is a declaration of tranquility.

8)  N-Trance – Set You Free (DJ Hixxy Remix).

Yes.  Only love will set you free.  This anthem confirms the power of love.  The vocal melody, throbbing synthesizer, and uplifting energy has you shouting in agreement.

9)  Tiny Tot – Discoland.

You’ve kept this track on repeat, and you don’t know why.  The simple “Hey, Oh” is enough to hook us, and keep us crawling back for more.  Discoland is one of those happy hardcore songs that isn’t so hard, but is certainly happy.

10)  DJ Hixxy – More and More.

Rounding out the countdown is the DJ Hixxy classic that dissects your feelings into three words.  More Hardcore, More Love, More Fun.

The Runners Up!

Although they juuusssst missed the top ten, the following three happy hardcore songs deserve honorable mentions:

1)  DJ Hixxy – Hardcore Till I Die.

True happy hardcore fans know exactlywhat this means.  We also know that DJ Hixxy was deeply committed to producing top-quality hardcore music. “Hardcore Till I Die” was more than a motto – it was a movement!

2)  DJ Magical – Rush Hour (Vinylgroove Remix).

The robotic “it’s so good, it’s so – it’s so – it’s, it’s so good…”  was addictive.  We couldn’t help ourselves from singing the hook over and over again.  We may have even been slightly secretive about our love for this song.  The cat’s out of the bag though!  It’s SO good…

3)  Lumin8 – Tetris.

I mean, what’s cooler than having a robot announce: “Let’s play some Tetris, Mother Fucker?”  Cheers to a classic track that brought a huge smile to our faces when we stumbled upon it.

So, there you have it!  What better way to spend your time than reliving the glory days of Happy Hardcore Heaven? With one single blog post, your favorite tunes are all accessible in one place.  You’re welcome!

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