Remix Wednesday: Cedric la CruZz

Cedric la CruZz just dropped the hottest of all hot trap remixes on September 5th.  This mix of Kaskade’s “Disarm You” accomplishes the ultimate goal of EDM club bangers:  it hits HARD and drops DIRTY.

Surprisingly enough, la CruZz stays true to the acapella stems of Kaskade’s original mix.  He doesn’t cut and glitch the vocals or add any unnecessary reverb or delay echos.  He simply fattens the synthesizer and tweaks its rhythmic pulse to create the “trap” mood.  He then adds a strategic percussion arrangement to prepare us for an EPIC drop.

The meat and potatoes of this impressive percussion track is a flawlessly-processed kick, snare and shaker combination.  When the drums hit, they hit HARD.  The high-velocity hi hats also give us a run for our money, but they are strategically panned to the background so that although we feel them fully, we only hear them juuuussst enough to know that they are there.

Once the beat drops, we feel an EXPLOSION of rhythmic bliss.  You just want to close your eyes, throw your head back, and surrender to the eargasm.  Cedric’s remix of “Disarm You” incorporates the best elements of trap, electro house and old school hard trance.  Thanks to la CruZz, Sexy September just became a little more sexy.

Now go ahead and take a listen:

Kaskade ft. Ilsey – Disarm You (Cedric la CruZz Trap Remix)

About This Artist

Cedric la CruZz is a DJ/Producer in the Electronic Dance Music scene.  In 2013, he was voted as one of 6 DJs to perform in the Heineken Ultra Music Festival alongside Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, Afrojack, Avicii & Armin van Buuren. He has performed at Ultra Europe (2013 & 2015), Electronic Picnic Festival (Mainstage), Bloemendaal XXXL (Mainstage), and many other indoor and outdoor EDM events.

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