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Before there was EDM culture, there was Rave culture.  Remember the underground warehouse parties – dancing into the wee hours of the morning?  The vibe was all about glow sticks, kandi beads, and sexual experimentation.  The motto we lived by was “PLUR and our drink of choice was bottled water.

Times have changed a bit.  While the Rave culture was proudly and decidedly “underground”, the EDM scene is actively commercial.  The festival world is geared towards trendy heterosexual millennials with disposable income and an appetite for debauchery.  So what does this mean for a lesbian-identified funky-house DJ who wants to play the music she loves for her own community?

It means that she throws her own events! Meet Whitney Day, a Los Angeles-based DJ who is tirelessly working to bring PLUR vibes back to her hometown of New York City!  This halloween, she is hosting Nightmare on 23rd Street.  It is New York’s largest all-inclusive queer party that is focused exclusively on the music.  There is a “vibe” room for guests to enjoy hip-hop, reggae, deep house, electro swing, chillout and future bass. There is also a “Rage” room for people to fist-pump to Electro House, Hard Trance, Big Room EDM and Hard Dance. But wait!  There’s more awesomeness to this night.  There will be a LIVE percussionist accompanying the main stage DJs!!

It is extremely rare for events that cater to the queer community to place such a huge emphasis on the music.  Trendy nightclub owners across the United States often choose to “play it safe,” opting for Top 40 playlists.  Sadly, this fear-based compromise is even more prominent in the LGBTQ nightlife world.

Whitney Day doesn’t host events for the fast money, raging popularity and influential connections.  Although these are all enjoyable by-products of the work, Whitney Day bleeds community and sweats love.  She is truly in it for the music.  We just hope that over the next year, she’ll bring her awesome PLUR-tastic events to her current residence: Sunny Southern California!

Take a listen to Whitney Day’s PRIDE Funky House Mix!!

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About This Artist

DJ/Producer Whitney Day is a classically trained musician-turned party-rocker leading the pack of a new generation of DJs. As quickly as she’s launched her career in the NYC club scene, she’s built a name for herself as a music taste-maker across the US and internationally.

As a two-time Official NYC-Pride Headliner and DJ to the former Mayor of New York City, Whitney has received various stand-out press coverage from track-by-track analysis from the New York Times to a feature in NEXT Magazine, and even repeatedly recognized as the ‘Queen of Lesbian Nightlife’ by Time Out New York. But to call her a DJ for lesbians is to underestimate her grasp – this ubiquitous spinner has played the Circuit from ‘Winter Party Festival‘ in Miami, ‘Sandblast Weekend‘ in Asbury Park to ‘Inferno Puerto Rico’ in San Juan as well as gigs across Las Vegas, Boston, D.C., Denver, Fire Island all the way to Germany and Australia. She is the first DJ from the US to perform at Europe’s largest indoor music festival for women, the official DJ for the GIANTS 2012 Superbowl Parade and now Whitney doubles her focus by producing wildly popular events for LGBTQs in New York City throughout the year.

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