Music Monday: Boogie Dash

Boogie Dash gives it to us raw with throbbing synths, ruthless kicks and dirty snares.  This is a mix that needs no harmony – its relentless pulse punctuates and penetrates our souls.

You know those nights when you’re driving through the naked streets of downtown LA?  All is still and silent aside from the random shriek in the distance.  You’ve just “turnt up” at the club – and you know it’s time to go home.  Unfortunately, you’re not quite ready to turn down.  Well, you are in luck.  You know what you must turn ON, right?   Say “hello” to the guttural sounds of the latest Boogie Dash mix.  Make a right at the freeway entrance, press play, and accelerate.  Your experience has just begun.

Boogie Dash’s “All for One” mix begins with a sexy moombahton-inspired electro house track.  At 30 seconds we arrive: the beat drops. Throughout the mix, we hear many tropical house and jungle breakbeat influences, along with the signature Calvin Harris offbeat-snare.  Although Boogie’s mix is unmistakably hard, it is also uniquely sensual.  Can electro-moombah be a new EDM genre?  If so, Mr. Boogie Dash is its founder and poster child.

Take a listen to Boogie Dash – All for One!

About This Artist

Damon “Boogie” Dash II, heir of legendary hip hop mogul Damon Dash, is a Trap/EDM/Experimental producer and open format DJ.  

Starting at the raw age of 16, Boogie began his career as a DJ, working his way up the ranks of the urban & house music scene, eventually headlining for some of New York City’s most prominent upscale clubs, such as; Marquee, VIP Room, 1 Oak, The Leonora, Up & Down, & SOBs. He’s no stranger to the world beyond the Big Apple though, DJ’ing/Hosting clubs and events in Miami, North Carolina, Boston, London, Hong Kong & Thailand. His signature style is driven by his innate goal to keep everyone on their feet all night, seamlessly blending hip hop classics, dance/house, trap, and trap-house; and often times, incorporating upbeat world music from salsa, bachata, and batucada to dancehall, reggae, and azonto. The high energy he brings to every set is undeniably contagious, earning him the title of “Turn Up King”.

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