Dada Land: The Voyage – July 19, 2014

dada land

Citizens… We are proud to announce that DADA LAND: THE VOYAGE will be touching down Jul 19, 2014 in San Bernardino, CA

Featuring Brillz, Dada Life, Mercer, Madeon, Morgan Page + More!

Car and RV Camping Passes Can be bought separately.  (Only one needed per vehicle, but but remember each person must also need a ticket to the event)

This is the first in a series of DADA LAND: THE VOYAGE events (more details on others soon) that will make up the World’s First DJ Tour via Hot Air Balloon!

This special inaugural overnight event will feature two performances from Dada Life… The first being a set of classic records once Dada Life arrives via hot air balloon, to the main performance at the end of the evening.

With a entirely reimagined stage production and antics include:
Bouncy Castle
Balloon rides
Custom photo booth
Silent Disco (featuring the amazing new SubPac experience)
Arts & Crafts
General Store
Frisbee Golf
Scavenger hunts throughout the night
And LOTS more…

For more info visit:

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