The BOOGIE Strikes Back


If there is anybody who knows how to transform something awesome into something even more awesome, it’s Boogie Dash.  We love Boogie here at Rave Loop – and not just for his heart-warming dimples.  As the heir to Damon Dash Sr., a music executive who completely revitalized the hip-hop industry, Boogie knows how to make successful records.  However, Boogie has waved goodbye to his hip-hop roots and carved out a space for himself as a fresh and innovative EDM DJ.


His newest mix is absolute FIRE.  Boogie completely revived the Star Wars theme song that has been hummed in so many households, transforming it into a stubborn club banger that would make your grandmother’s wig fly off.


The song begins with a rebellious bass-wub and a defiant snare.  Its gritty undercurrent is ruthless; you feel the impulse to walk down the street with the meanest swagger in the neighborhood and smash people’s mailboxes.  As you’re vibing to the dirty bass, a sharp synth begins to fade in.  You’ll recognize the melody as the cinematic theme to “The Empire Strikes Back.”  But wait?!  How can an epic film score suddenly become an audacious EDM anthem? Come on, y’all.  It’s Boogie Dash we’re talking about.  He can transform anything.


The synth pierces through the air, hammering at our anxiety with an elongated pitch-shifter.  Finally… we get the drop.  The wub returns, and we lose our minds, flopping around like an intoxicated pogo stick.  After an unrelenting snare roll, we are catapulted into a drop so intense it could make your nose bleed.  The synth soars to magnificent heights as the kick drum thumps with valiant determination.  WOO!


Boogie Dash has done it again.  With the recent release of his new label, All For One Records, we wait in eager anticipation for more dubstepbass housetrap collaborations to blow our minds (and our speakers).


Hear Boogie’s groundbreaking single:

The Empire Strikes Back (Boogie Dash Original Mix)


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